Anyone who has ever tried to use one of those huge handsets that most museums rent for audio tours will appreciate what the Israeli company Espro Acoustiguide brought to the table. Rather than standing in line and handing over good money to hang one of those monstrous gadgets from your neck as you stroll the museum, you can get the same job done with your own smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. The company has created digital audio guides and audio and multimedia tour apps with features that include image recognition. You can use the apps for graphics, animation, interactive games, sign language tours and specially created children’s tours. The guides are, of course, presented in dozens of different languages.

Virtual Tours – Just Like You Are There!

Audio Guides for Museums and Heritage Sites

Audio Guides for Museums and Heritage Sites
photography by Gayla Goodman

Since all tours are available digitally, you don’t have to actually visit a museum or heritage location to enjoy the sights. By using the Espro Acoutiguide app, you can visit offline or familiarize yourself before you make an actual visit. The tours are rich with multimedia and can be viewed on iOS as well as Android tablets and handsets.

Unusual Israeli Startup

So the funny thing about this company is that it beat its competitors by buying them out. The first to go was Acoustiguide, which the Israeli company Espro acquired in 2005. Due to some poor investments, the company was failing and Espro didn’t think twice about buying it. One and a half years after that huge risk, the company turned around and became profitable. Now called Espro Acoustiguide, the company didn’t stop there. In 2010 it bought the Japanese company A&D AudioGuides, and in 2013 it acquired Tristan Interactive, a Canadian entity. Today the international company has nine locations that are overseen by Israel Gal, its CEO. Gal’s technical background derives from the time he spent in the Israel Defense Forces and at Koor Industries.

So whether you’re looking to actually visit the Guggenheim or the Tower of London or you only want to learn about them, you can do it all from home thanks to this Israeli company.