Apple Buys PrimeSense

Apple Buys PrimeSense

Last week, it was only a well-founded rumor, but this week it’s official. Apple is acquiring the Israeli company, PrimeSense for some $345 million. Why? Not only because it’s a great company that developed the motion-detecting game console, Kinect, but Apple is interested, as in VERY interested, in PrimeSense’s ability to map 3D spaces. PrimeSense is best known for the controls it developed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, but its solutions are also adaptable to iRobot’s Ava, Asus Xtion and 3D scanners.

Controlling Appliances with 3D Sensors

With the addition of 3D sensors, people will be able to manage their television sets with the same simple gestures PrimeSense developed with Kinect. By embedding the tiny sensors into mobile devices, it could become possible to control many types of operations throughout a myriad of gestures.

Capri Ten Times Smaller

The newest 3D sensor developed by PrimeSense is called “Capri.” What makes it so unique is that it is one-tenth the size of its current line of sensors. With its improved size and features, it will be used inside of laptops, robots, tablets, PCs and phones. Delivery of the device to producers is scheduled for the coming months and Capri technology will hit the market as early as 2014.

From Touch Screens to 3D Renderings

Different producers will use Capri for different applications, such as to create a touch screen from any surface or to render accurate 3D drawings of a structure. Connections will be made through the cloud so there will be no problem seeing images on a computer or a tablet.

This isn’t just hearsay. According to credible sources, Apple will be in competition with Google to add contextual locations and images to its mapping platform. If this is true, may the best high tech giant win!

Happy Chanukah and Shabbat shalom from the high tech capital of the world!