conference room

Unused conference room, Wikimedia Commons

We all know what it’s like trying to keep the lights out at home to reduce our electricity bills, but how do companies or even mega-corporations handle that? Most businesses have conference rooms that stand empty for hours at a time or offices that are unused for portions of the day but up until now there was no practical solution to turning unused space into energy savings. BEEMTech® is an Israeli company that has developed a system offering facility-wide control over lighting and energy management that decreases energy expenses up to 75%.

Reducing Business’s Carbon Footprint

A system that allows businesses to control heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting throughout every area of a building not only saves money that would otherwise be spent on rising energy costs, but it helps business owners meet new energy efficiency standards. By reducing its carbon footprint, BEEMTech® helps businesses realize cost savings while protecting the environment.

Surveys and Sensors

The technology incorporated into the BEEMTech® system involves sensors that measure carbon dioxide levels in each room or area of the building. They also measure the amount of light, the room temperature and additional parameters at various times of the day. According to those findings, the business manager knows how many people are in a room at any given time throughout the day and set the heat, electricity and lighting appropriately.

Additionally, the system interfaces with office staff through surveys where employees state personal preferences in shared workspace. In private offices, workers have the ability to control the lighting and temperature remotely via a smartphone or computer. With its highly sophisticated algorithms, the BEEMtech® technology helps business owners use their available space more efficiently, resulting in higher ROI for the company, a more productive atmosphere for workers and a safer environment.