batayinsunsetIf you want to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Israel, head to Bat Ayin. And where is Bat Ayin? In Gush Etzion! You can get to Bat Ayin by car, bus, or tramp, but you must make some time, and visit this amazing yishuv in the heart of Judea, halfway between Yerushalayim and Hevron.

Bat Ayin is one of the smallest yishuvim in the Gush. Its modern history began in 1989 when the first group of seven families, along with their spiritual guide, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg, settled in the town of Bat Ayin, on land purchased by the Jewish Agency in the early 1900’s. Today it is home to more than 150 families from all walks of Jewish life who have chosen to raise their families here and live a life connected to Torah and to their ancient homeland. Its residents include: musicians, artists, rabbanim, teachers, writers, farmers, builders, and doctors, to name just a few.

It is truly one of the most beautiful and peaceful yishuvim in Gush Etzion. If you are looking for “action,” as in restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping malls, etc., you will not find it in Bat Ayin, but you will also be hard pressed to find a stronger community of lovers of Torah and Israel.

Despite its small size, there are four synagogues: Chabad, a Zionist-Chassidic yeshiva, Sephardic, and Breslov in Bat Ayin. Interspersed among the people, you will find donkeys, goats, horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and of course—cats!

Bat Ayin is home to Midreshet Bat Ayin, a unique yeshiva for Jewish women from all backgrounds of religious observance. It seeks to be a place that will inspire the Jewish woman to open her heart to the Creator and to build a strong Jewish home and deep roots to the Land of Israel.

There are archeological sites from the times of Bar Kochba, natural springs, ancient terraces in the Judean hills, and the only organic winery in the region—Ferency Winery. Covering more than 30 dunam, the winery grows a variety of grapes and offers refreshing and tasty wine to its visitors. The proprietor, Gershon Ferency, is happy to tell you about the role of wine in the Beit HaMikdash, and take you on a guided tour of the Judean hills, including hidden caves and springs.

Bay Ayin is a key yishuv thanks to its geographical location and the diversity of its residents. It offers the best the Jewish State has to offer.