Waffle BarLooking to indulge your chocolate craving? Waffle Bar is an Israeli-owned restaurant chain that offers the most delicious dining experience for affordable prices and a luxurious interior perfect for all occasions.

I recently visited Waffle Bar in Baka (on Derech Beit Lechem 41). The service was second to none, the food was delivered a few minutes after I’d ordered it, and looked exactly as advertised, and of course, my taste buds knew no bounds as the crepes I’d ordered hit the spot!

The Waffle Bar menu offers an assortment of mouth-watering baked goods such as the coffee-cake combo, Belgian waffles (I’d especially recommend the “Warm Belgian Chocolate+banana” waffle and the “Banana Boom” waffle), various-flavored ice-creams, French crepes, Salty crepes, 7 types of Laffa Toast that come with a generous salad serving (the Mexican laffa is absolutely amazing and it’s only 34NIS), etc, etc…

There are also the house specials like pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, and noodles that offer an alternative to the calories onslaught. Some-30different types of alcoholic beverages, including the top local and international beers, top off the list of Waffle Bar drinks.

Waffle Bar offers easily-accessible locations in Jerusalem:

  • 41 Derech Beit Lechem, Baka (Call: 02-6730760)
  • Shlomtzion Ha’malka 18, Center of Town (Call:  077-2030119)
  • Hillel 6, Center of Town (Call: 02-5004605)
  • The German Colony (Call: 0775561645)
  • S’de Harel 8, Mevaseret Tzion (Call: 02-5333600)
  • Beit Ha’dfus 11, Givat Shaul (Call: 02-5343723)
  • Paran 7, Ramat Eshkol (Call: 02-5815434)

Hour of Service in most Locations:

Sun-Thur: 8am-2am of the next day/Fri and holiday eve: 8am-hour before sundown/ Shabbat and holidays: opens an hour after sundown