• Photo by Barry A. Kaplan

Who would drive 105 miles for a beer?  When you visit the visitors’ center in Katzrin, the capital of the Golan Heights, in the reception Bazelet_Brewery_in_Katzrinarea is a large kosher dairy restaurant combined with a coffee shop and store selling organic dried fruits, olive oil, chocolates, natural cosmetics, wines from Golan wineries and Bazelet beer from the Golan Brewery.

Take the elevator up one floor and you are in the Golan Brewhouse, a meat restaurant inside the brewery.

As you enter  the tastefully decorated main dining room, you are met by two huge, beautifully polished 1200-liter copper vats, next to the semi-circular bar, hold the makings of beer which are fermented in the next building. The Golan beers are manufactured with Golan mineral water.

According to Ziv, shift manager for the past six years in the restaurant, since 2006, the Dekel Company has owned the restaurant and the brewery which produces four beers.

  • Amber ale is a red ale with a fruity flavor, cloudy appearance and 6.4% alcohol.
  • Pilsner is a bright lager with hops and malt taste and 4.9% alcohol.
  • Wheat is cloudy with a clove flavor and banana smell and 5.1% alcohol.
  • Dobbelbock is a dark lager, with a coffee, chocolate and hops taste and 8% alcohol.
  • In the restaurant, a sampler with four beers, sauerkraut and olives is 56 NIS; a beer sampler is 15 NIS.
  • The restaurant menu has a wide choice of appetizers, snacks, vegetarian dishes, main courses, a children’s menu and beverages and alcoholic drinks. It is open at 11 a.m. for lunch and remains open until the last customer.

For information about tasting tours or the restaurant, check out merkazgolan@102.net.il  or call 04- 696-1311