Vladimir_Putin_21_December_2000-1As US-Russia relations hit a post-Cold War low, Israelis are left wondering if Russia would be a better, more stable ally for Israel than the U.S. This isn’t an altogether hypothetical question: the USSR started out supporting Israel and turned towards the Arabs after the Six Day War when it became clear Israel wasn’t about to become another puppet Communist regime.

Israeli-Russian relations are perhaps as good as they will ever get right now. Putin visited Israel last year. His talks with PM Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to go smoothly. The two agreed to cooperate on Iran and Syria. Israel isn’t interested in the Al-Qaeda-led Syrian rebels gaining the upper hand in the Syrian Civil War. Neither is Russia. One can almost make the claim that Israel and Iran share mutual interests when it comes to Syria since Iran has been a steady supporter of Assad’s regime. The U.S. finds itself allied with the likes of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Putin’s government has recently cracked down on Muslims and gays. While the rest of Europe is mired in conflict over the question of how to treat the growing Muslim threat from within, Russia has taken strong steps in protecting its national character and maintaining a Russian majority in metropolitan as well as suburban areas. This bodes well for Israel as does the gay rights issue.

The LGBT community has been trying to turn the corner in its fight for equal rights. But what does it mean for gays to have “equal rights?” Would this allow them to pursue their way of life without having to fear for their lives? Would it give them the right to marry and adopt children? Would it allow them to advertise their sexual inhibitions in the press?

I believe Israel’s leaders would admit to agreeing with me when it comes to Muslim influence and gay rights. People like Motti Yogev, Tzippy Hotovely, Yuli Edelstein, Naftali Bennett, Moshe Feiglin, even Bibi would probably say (at least behind closed doors) that they see eye-to-eye with me on these issues. When it comes to providing Muslims and gays unlimited rights, (I’m placing the two in the same category strictly because they’ve occupied a major place in Russian news. I don’t have a problem with Muslims per say) the U.S. is definitely winning the battle.

Then, there’s the issue of whether Israel would benefit more from solid relations with Russia or an alliance with the U.S. While the Russians continue supplying Syria and Iran unlimited weapons for a minimum price, the U.S. has played “Evil Stepmom” with “Cinderella” Israel. It’s gone as far in its attempts to force Israel to comply with its demands vis-a-vis the Arab-Israeli conflict as using prisoner of Zion, Jonathan Pollard as a bargaining chip to help them further their interests.

Let’s face it: the U.S. isn’t interested one bit if Israel survives or not. The Americans are interested solely in the future of one country: the U.S. It’s always been this way no matter which president has been at the helm and it seems like this will always be the case. So why should Israel care so much about America!? Why do we need to intervene every time Americans get taken hostage? Why come to their rescue when they need us most? When we’ve needed them most (see Yom Kippur War) they were slow in deciding whether to leave us to the mercy of the Arabs or come to our rescue.

Bottom line is we don’t owe America an iota. They should be grateful for the aid we provide them–not the other way around. And if we had a choice between Russia and the U.S., Russia, as evil as it is, would be a far superior ally.