Israel National News reported today that the U.S. State Department made an ill-conceived move that may endanger the Israel-Egypt obamapeace treaty signed by Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat following the Yom Kippur War. One of the results of the treaty was that the U.S. promised millions in economic and military aid to Egypt, perhaps the most powerful Arab state.

This decision comes months after the Egyptian military ousted democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Morsi and outlawed the Brotherhood, prompting mass unrest in university campuses where Morsi supporters clashed with opponents of his regime. Gun battles between the Egyptian military and Islamic terrorists ensued across Egypt and in the demilitarized Sinai Peninsula, a bastion of terrorist activity.

According to Arutz-7, “Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said that he was opposed to the cuts. “Egypt should be strengthened,” he said. “We need a stable Egypt. It’s important for the world, the Middle East, for us, and for the Egyptians themselves.”

Steinitz echoed what a majority of Israelis on both the left and right were thinking. Egypt is at a cross-roads and what happens there will determine the direction the Middle East is headed. This brings up a more important question: Is Obama an idiot or a Muslim?

Conspiracy theories have abound since President Barack Hussein Obama’s initial term in office. His father was a Muslim of Kenyan decent, Obama has never tried to hide the fact that he was brought up in a Muslim household and that his middle name is “Hussein.” He’s recently been on a campaign to paint the Ayatollahs of Iran in a positive light (last week, he had a 15-minute phone conversation with newly-elected Iranian president, Rouhani).

Personally, I doubt Obama is oblivious to the ramifications of American intervention in Libya and Syria–and complete lack of concern for the Egypt’s well-being. The American President is no idiot. Just the fact that the majority of Americans believe he’s best equipped to lead the country should speak to this. Besides, he has a degree from Harvard and is an accomplished attorney.

Has Barack Hussein Obama fooled the American public? Do we have a Muslim in the White House? I’ve never really given this much consideration because I thought it was bizarre that the American people would fall for something as sinister as electing a Muslim president only seven years after 9/11.  Am I to believe that the Americans’ guilt complex for a century of slavery has moved them to elect a dangerous criminal? This is a very far-flung argument that I still have trouble accepting. The Western-educated mind doesn’t want to deal with the possibility that we have a man who wants the destroy core American values in the White House.

Perhaps Obama is legit. Perhaps, he’s just a closet anti-Semite hell-bent on destroying Israel who thinks he has America’s best interests in mind. This may well be the case. I really don’t know. All I can do is speculate. What I do know–and what Steinitz articulated today–is that cutting millions in aid to Egypt at this critical juncture in that country’s history looks like the move of a psychopath–not someone capable of handling a position of power.