Today’s terrorist release in which another 26 of the 104 Arab terrorists whom the government agreed to free in July caused lots of anger on terrorists freedthe part of bereaved family members of murdered Jews. And yet, I’m left to wonder: why weren’t we as outraged by the news of the terrorist release back in July when the deal to restart negotiations with our friendly neighbors went into effect?

Where were all the disappointed Internet warriors with their claims of “giving in to terror” and “why are our leaders betraying us?” in July when our right wing coalition decided it was better to continue building in Judea and Samaria than to keep the murderers where they belonged? Where was Meretz’s crazy MK Nitzan Horowitz with his accusations of Bibi’s “hypocrisy?” Oh, he didn’t know what would happen on December 31st, 2013? What a surprise!

I agree that it’s ridiculously stupid, irresponsible, insane, crazy (insert the term of endearment of your choice here) of our government to release terrorists with–or without blood on their hands. Yigal Amir, who’s already served 18 years in prison for something he probably didn’t do, must be furious right now.

Same goes for the other “Jewish terrorists” sitting in jail for allegedly carrying out attacks on Arab civilians. But really…what about them?! If the government is so nice to our enemies, why not return the favor to our own flesh and blood? And why for G-d’s sakes do we feel this constant guild complex, i.e. these poor bastards are rotting in jail and their families must suffer? Why not put them through the torture they caused to the bereaved families? Why not water board them a little just for fun? Maybe hang them upside down in the middle of Kikkar Rabin and have people pelt them with rotten eggs?

I get it: this stinks of hypocrisy. “Hypocrisy” is hand written all over the place. But why blame our right wing government now? Where were you in July?