kerryWhen Rabin signed Oslo, he set the precedent for Israel’s suicidal attempt to give land away to its enemies in search of an elusive peace. He did this in order to quench his thirst to be known, loved and respected by the world. Bill Clinton supported him in life–and in death. He gave him his full backing every step of the way. Unlike of the late White House reporter, Helen Thomas, whose virulent anti-Semitism was finally uncovered towards the end of her career, Clinton has always been careful to avoid making racist statements. Perhaps, he, himself, is unaware of the damage he’s caused Israel.

When following merciless pressure from the Obama administration, PM Benjamin Netanyahu gave the green light for restarting negotiations with the terrorist group known as the “P.A.,” he gave the green light to Arab terrorists to kill Jews. That’s not my interpretation–it’s theirs. The Arabs in general are known to interpret each sign of weakness on our behalf as a signal to kill us. This was the result of Oslo and Wye. U.S. Secretary of State, Kerry, made these talks come to fruition. While he won’t have to face any consequences for the murder of more Jews, he carries the responsibility in his hands. History books won’t depict Kerry as a “Jew-hater.” I do.

Perhaps, we should give Kerry the benefit of the doubt: maybe he actually thinks this round of talks will bring about “true peace.” On the other hand, Kerry is a seasoned diplomat and I tend to believe he knows better. Like Clinton, he’s a murderer because of his lack of vision and his inability to look beyond his own bank account–to feel the pain of a people who’ve already experienced so much.

Where Netanyahu is concerned, I have a decent amount of trust in him despite everything we’ve seen: just as a friendly reminder, Bibi was the one to engage Arafat in peace talks at Wye (which ended in the handing over of 80% of Hevron to the P.A.) and further bloodshed, he supported the eviction of Jews from Gush Katif until the very last moment when he began attacking Sharon in order to gain an advantage over the latter within the Likud. Netanyahu continues handing out orders for the eviction of Jews the government suspects of you-name-it from Judea and Samaria.

I think the fact that Netanyahu promised to allow a national referendum to decide the outcome of any treaty reached with the “Palestinians” is a sign of integrity on his part. I also believe that unlike Rabin, Netanyahu is truly interested in the good of the Jewish people–not whether international media continues covering him in a positive light.

I don’t think Bibi wants an agreement to be reached (obviously, Abu-Mazzen doesn’t either). The fact that neither side is interested in a break-through dooms these negotiations before they’ve begun–and proves once again that America is clueless when it comes to foreign policy.

“Clueless” at best–a partner in the murder of Jews as far as I’m concerned.