In the wake of the most severe snow storm in Israel’s history, Israel’s government once again displayed its galut mentality in coming to the rescue of people who’d waste no

Galut mentality

Galut mentality

time murdering our children. The “right wing” Likud-Jewish Home government continued promoting a culture of appeasement providing water pumps to Gazans seeking refuge from flooding over the weekend. Those who want to feel good about Israel being so nice to our enemies are welcomed to remain in America. Those who get their cars stoned by the “people” we’re helping know exactly what it feels like to be betrayed. They are the realists.

What would a real Jewish government do if one of our friendly neighbors were struck by natural disaster? Would Moshe Feiglin provide Gazans or PA-controlled residents with the things they need to survive? Would any self-respecting leader save his enemies from disaster?

The Torah teaches us that we should not take pity on our enemies lest we end up ignoring the basic needs of our own people. This is a basic Jewish principle but since we’re not living in a true Jewish state, it’s difficult to expect our leaders to “get it.” I’ve been reading Facebook and Twitter posts by people lacking the basic principles and historical understanding to realize that so long as Israel keeps up its backwards policy of appeasement, we simply can’t expect Obama and Kerry to not follow our example. (Remember: it’s we who are–and always have been a “light unto the Nations.” They take after us–not vise versa).

I recently heard that some 30% of Jerusalem residents still don’t have electricity in their homes. Israel has one of the craziest taxation systems in the world. Israel’s Jewish residents often find themselves fleeing the country because they can’t pay their bills. Yet our politicians (and I’m saying this as a fan of Bibi) continue funding Gaza terrorists. Every day, tons of food in what our leaders claim amounts to “humanitary aid” cross into Gaza. Every day, we provide free water and electricity to our friendly cousins living in a “work-free paradise” in Gaza and the “West Bank.” Every day, we shoot ourselves in the foot. It won’t help simply because they won’t like us no matter how nice we are to them. Moreover, by appeasing terrorists, we’re directly responsible for murdering our own children.

I believe Bibi is aware of this but that he’s being driven by a typical Jewish notion of “tikkun olam”–fixing the world. Only this isn’t tikkun olam but the very opposite. It’s the opposite of the mores and values we, as a people, hold most dear: the principle of life over death; of being a good human being versus stealing, raping, and murdering. We’re assisting those who wouldn’t hold back for a second before killing our kids.

What kind of people–what kind of nation are we when we can’t even defend our own best interests?! It’s not like we haven’t had leaders who haven’t warned us about our false Western ideals impeding our best judgment in the past. We’ve had plenty of Zhabotinsky’s and Stern’s and Ze’evi’s. But have we listened to these people? Only sixty-nine years after his passing, is Zhabotinsky being given the time of day. Now, he’s looked upon as a hero of mythical proportions while in his lifetime all he got was hatred by the leftist masses.

Yair Avraham Stern (H”YD) still doesn’t get much mention because what? Because he tried to work with the Nazis when the British were massacring our people in Mandate Palestine and he wasn’t even aware of what was taking place in Europe?

We still free terrorists so that the world will “like” us. We still carry hopes of a day when the “Palestinians” will govern themselves and live peacefully at our side. I have a friend that said it best when he said “We are the people that never learn…” Yes, we are, for better or for worse, a “stiff-necked people” who will go to our graves giving food to “poor,” “occupied” murderers.