009Every time Israel makes concessions to the Arabs, I hear American Jews voicing their disapproval. But they voice their disapproval with us not only when things don’t go their way because they’ve realized that in order to validate their hypocritical position that “while we finally have a state of our own in our ancestral homeland, we don’t have to do anything till the arrival of the Mashiach,” they need to have something to blame Israel for.

What can praying in the direction of Jerusalem during the amida, singing “Next year in Jerusalem,” at the seder table, learning Yehuda Ha’levi’s monumental “Ha’kuzari,” in which he dedicates a chapter to the sanctity of the Land of Israel, and walking in the ways of our forefathers, all of whom believed in the same pathos as modern day Zionists, while living in the comfort and safety of suburban America mean? Only one thing.

Maybe you feel good about it and maybe you don’t. It doesn’t really matter. We risk our lives here on a daily basis, while you bask in the Florida sun. We participate in the daily life of our country while you find solace in the fact that you’re “holier than thou” in a Gentile land. Whether you agree or not, these are the facts. You can run far and wide to avoid them, but they will inevitably return next time you read about the Ba’al Shem Tov’s attempted journey to Palestine or Rav Nachman’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

As far as the “evil Zionists,” there are different types of “Zionism.” Besides religious Zionism, there are another 10-20 types not all of which coincide with Torah values. But being a Labor Zionist and believing that Jews should return to Israel is (even according to many Rabbis) much better than performing 613 commandments–or as close as you can get to it–and living in the galut. This is not me talking–this is the Torah you and your ilk swear by!

So next time you hear a fellow Jew rebuking the Land–or State of Israel for something our government did or did not do, do me a favor: remember the sin of the spies: they thought they knew better than Moshe–and G-d and we haven’t been able to wash ourselves of their sin up till now. And another advice for all the self-righteous Jews of W. Rogers Park and Monsey: Don’t tell Israeli leaders what to do! For G-d’s sakes, your president has it many times easier than our PM. You don’t live here. Shut up!