It don’t get no mo’ weird than this. Call it what you want: “crazy,” “masochistic,” “suicidal,” “policy of denial,” one thing is clear: we’re headed in one direction and that direction is directly backwards.


Houses slated for construction in Nokdim

Once again, we’ve caved into international pressure. Once again, the Americans are dictating our internal policy. Once again, we’re on our knees begging for someone; someone out there to have mercy on us–the “strong,” “resilient” State of Israel. Once again, our Prime Minister has ordered a building freeze.

What makes this situation all the more unbearable is that we agreed to free terrorists but also stipulated that we would continue building in Judea and Samaria as the main framework for continuing “peace” negotiations with PA Chairman Head Terrorist Abu SOB Allah a few months ago.

Once again, we’re reminded just how hypocritical the world is towards Israel. While Muslim terrorist wanna be’s are chanting “Death to America, death to Israel!” throughout the Arab world, in Europe, and on college campuses across America, Israel is guilty of…you got it! Building houses on Israeli land. Land that has not only been purchased by the Jewish National Fund, but land that’s been liberated not once but twice!

Now, I don’t want you to lose your cool and start hating all the Muslims out there because our government doesn’t know the first thing about negotiations. What I do want you to do is read some history. Read about the story of Chanukkah: how a small band of right wing Jews defeated the Assyrian Greeks along with the modern day left wingers. How Ze’ev Zhabotinsky organized a small fighting unit to defend the Jews of Odessa when the ground was ripe for Jewish blood. How the Palmach, Irgun and Lechi forced the British out of Mandate Palestine.

There are plenty of examples of Jewish heroism throughout our history. In fact, our Prime Minister is a man who’s been right in the thick of things when it comes to acts of bravery and self-sacrifice. He’s a man of honor and integrity and while I don’t place my belief in mortal men, I do trust Bibi to make the right decisions. Pause…The situation just got a lot weirder… We have a man of great wisdom and the know-how to carry out a successful hostage release not being able to tell Obama/Kerry to “go to hell.”

But maybe that’s just it. I mean, that’s just the “weird” part. Obama and Kerry *should* be interested in Israel best interests. Obama, known for his foreign policy “missteps” is still the US President, and you’d think he’d want what’s best for America’s only true ally in the Middle East and Kerry, with all the rumors of his daughter being married to an Iranian national, *should* be inclined to follow Obama’s directions.

I guess you’ll just have to figure it out for yourselves because I have no answers. This situation is reminiscent of Shalom Aleichem’s infamous village of Chelm, where everyone was an idiot but things just continued the way they always had and yet, reality is often stranger than fiction. This happens to be one of those cases.