It’s been a week since I quit the T-Rex of social media that what’s-his-name founded aka Facebook. I can’t say I’ve missed it; on the contrary, I’ve had a lot more time for taking care of daily chores and working on my day job.

Facebook doesn’t need me–and I don’t need Facebook to survive in this crazy, senseless world full to the brink with all types of “interesting” phenomena to go around the block and then some, etc, etc to a million degrees.

I need me some peace of mind, and gosh darn it, I’m gonna get it! Living in Israel, about 15 min’s ride from the “Occupied Territories” (boy, would I love it if the our cousins in “Palestine“–wherever that happens to be–quit occupying our land), this might just be a difficult proposition, but I’m gonna see to it that I get this one task done!

Facebook or no Facebook, it’s still vital to focus on the goals ahead: get elected to the post of Prime Minister, followed by a destructive take-over of the world…or maybe just stay on as the product description manager at this here place smack in the middle of nowhere. Whichever the case may be, I’m about to get it done and it doesn’t involve Facebook.

So there, let’s raise a shot of L’chaim to a world free of social media and the Internet–oh wait, I’m using it right now. Gotta go, sorry folks, I need to save the world!