I’ve been approached by some weirdos on Twitter lately: people who claim that the in-gathering of the Jewish people will bring about the second-coming of their pagan god. I have a big, big problem with Messianic “Jews,” many of whom aren’t halachically Jewish and happen to be the biggest anti-Semites in the world–worse than Muslim terrorists.

These organizations: Jews for Jews and Yad L’Achim deal with issues that demand a lot of attention from the Jewish world. Missionaries are one of the biggest threats to Judaism today.

I firmly believe that Messianics are more dangerous to the continued survival of the Jewish people than Islamic terrorists. Both are obviously evil and strive to wipe us off the map. One is the progeny of Ishmael, while the other is the work of Esav.

Ishmael was a “man of the sword,” whom nothing good has ever come of. His “hand was in everything,” as the Torah states. Esav, on the other hand, accomplished his goals by virtue of a completely different method. He was wise, studied Torah (he learned from Isaac), and knew how to get the best of his pious brother, Jacob.

So that’s the difference between American Messianics and Missionaries and Islamic terrorists. One has inherited the virtues of Ishmael, a thief and murderer, while the other, more dangerous enemy, has inherited the virtues of Esav.

It’s a good thing I didn’t vote in the American elections. While I strongly supported Mitt Romney, I later learned that he’s a devote Mormon. The biggest goal of the Mormon community is to convert other Christians–but more so Jews to their faith. They see the return of the Jewish people to Israel as a fulfillment of prophecy (as do we). The difference is that they believe that once enough of us have returned, Jesus will come back, and I think we all know what happened the first time he came (we sent him back to where he came from with the worst possible results).

In short, we need to take the fight to the Messianics. We need to send out anti-Missionary pamphlets to school teachers, try to bring those Messianics that are actually Jewish back to Judaism, etc, etc.

Feel free to comment and share your ideas on how to fight Missionaries with me!