Part of an email I received from Manhigut Yehudit leader, Moshe Feiglin:

Early morning…I’m heading from Samaria to Gush Dan along the smog-filled highway. Another crazy day leading up to the Likud primaries is about to get under way.

The car phone rings. A young, confident voice from the other end: “Hi, XX speaking from ynet news.

“Hi there!”

“I’m preparing an article on donations made out to candidates in the Likud primaries, and just wanted to confirm something.”


“I see that you received a donation from a woman by the name of Nitza Kahane.”


“Is it correct that Nitza Kahane is the widow of Rabbi Kahane?

“Maybe I haven’t fully woken up yet; maybe this is the result of a lack of sleep and the amount of stress I’ve experienced lately, but the latest question raises my “politically correct” defenses.

“Ah!” I answer the young journalist, “I’m sure you want to show that Moshe Feiglin is getting funding from a woman that…”

“No”, he answers dryly.

“No?”—I ask cynically—“so maybe you want to express the fact that a woman who has an academic background and whose academic articles get printed in the most prestigious newspapers in the world is donating to Moshe Feiglin’s campaign in your article?”

“No”—the young voice on the other end of line answers.

“Ah”—I continue—“ So maybe you’d like to write an article about how a woman whose a famous academic, mother of ten, grandmother of fifteen (B”H), and manages to balance her household duties with an unprecedented academic career as well as involvement  in the Israeli community that leaves little to ask for is donating money to Feiglin’s campaign in your article?”

“No” –answers the man.

“And after you’ve heard all this from me, you’re not going to start loathing what you’re doing…at least somewhat?”—I’m not satisfied.


“OK”—I finish the conversation—“Professor Nitza Kahane is indeed the widow of Rabbi Meir Kahane (H”YD) who was murdered 22 years ago in the U.S.

“Thank you”—says the juvenile voice—“that’s all I needed.”