Before I go to sleep expecting more missile sirens tomorrow, I need to report on an “article”–if you can call it that by an anti-Semitic reporter whose garbage I happened to come across. I’m going to take it apart sentence-by-sentence and expose how much of a fraud this lady is. This is typical Western media coverage of Israel, the land that we, as a people, have been dreaming of returning to for two millenia, a land we look towards three times in our daily prayers, a land that no one but us needs/wants and has a right to:

The Israeli government is trying to pre-empt a publicity pounding over its Gaza offensive by aggressively pushing out its version of events, furiously tweeting and Facebook posting updates from a “media bunker.”

Ahh, lady, lady: You’re nuts, you’re crazy…You’re a left wing whacko living off Israeli taxpayers’ money, for G-d’s sakes! “Our” version of events!? Would you like to present us with “your” version–or maybe the official Hamas version perhaps? 


The instant they heard about a bus bombing in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, scores of tech-savvy youth in Israel’s government media command center in Jerusalem sprang into action.

They began flooding social media with updates and created a graphic exclaiming: “We didn’t send in our ground troops, but they sent in theirs! (at)IsraelUnderFire.”

Once again…How ’bout your peace-loving “palestinian” friends in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria? What about the ones in Jerusalem setting off fireworks because they’re so pleased with Hamas’s work? Oh, I’m sure you somehow left them out…


In an operation attached to Israel’s press office, hundreds of volunteers produce and post instant videos and graphics about the latest twists in the Gaza offensive from Israel’s point of view. Its Facebook site, “Israel Under Fire,” has gained more than 24,000 “likes” over the last week.

Israel began its campaign of airstrikes in Gaza last week following months of rocket fire from Gaza-based Palestinian militants. More than 140 Palestinians and five Israelis have been killed in the violence.

Uhm, excuse me, you lying b####, but what if I were to say something like this about the U.S. army in its opperations in Iraq and Afghanistan? Just some food for thought…


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rallied the volunteers earlier this week in a video conference, where he reflected the widely held view among Israelis and many of their supporters that the news media are anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

“We are (operating) on four fronts: The military front, the home front, the diplomatic front and the public diplomacy front. We must fight for the truth, for the facts, and your help is worth more than gold … refuting the industry of lies,” he said.

Typical left wing portrayal of Bibi, who’s under attack from left and right alike at home and from what seems like the entire world from the outside.


Media experts say that Israel’s public relations campaign is just an extension of the traditional effort by government propaganda machines to dictate and control the media narrative during a conflict.

“The underlying reasons of Israel’s propaganda are to silence the enemy, gain international support and justify wars,” says Helga Tawil-Souri, associate professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University.

I’m going to Google “Helga Tawil Souri.” Wonder what I’ll find, but I’m pretty sure I already know…

“Their goal has not fundamentally changed over the years, only the platforms on which these are disseminated,” she said.


Yuval Dror, head of the digital communication program at Israel’s College of Management Academic Studies, questioned how effective the government’s information campaign would be.

“The Vietnam War was the first war that was televised, and this war might be one of the very first that’s being battled so energetically across all web fronts and platforms. The medium is the message,” he said. “But whose message will win the Internet and its users in this war is still unclear.”

And of course, she leaves off with a comparison to Vietnam, and a message of hope for our enemies, the enemies of human decency and the very democracy America espouses. My message to her: Pack your bags, and go home, lady! You’re wasting your time…and mine!