Ask anyone about Shavuot, and the first thing that comes to mind is cheesecake. But if we look deeply into the mystical aspects of this amazing month of Sivan, we will learn that embedded in the month are all the powers we need for strengthening our spiritual foundation for the entire year.

Sivan is the third month on the Jewish calendar, beginning with Nissan. This “3” is a recurring theme. Chazal say, “Blessed is the Merciful One who gave a threefold Torah, to a threefold people, by the third, on the third day, in the third month.” 3 relates to Tiferet, the third of the emotional aspects of our neshama, and to Yaacov Aveinu, who represented the perfect blending of Avraham’s midah of chesed with Yitzkak’s midah of gevurah. By drawing in the energy of this perfected state of Tiferet, we can make ourselves into a vessel capable of absorbing all of the blessings waiting for us in this month.

Of course the highlight of Sivan is Shavuot when we commemorate the one day in our history when we were ish echad, lev echat, a nation in total oneness, standing at the foot of Har Sinai, hearing the voice of HaShem and receiving our Torah. Rav Baruch M’Mezibuz said that he was more fearful of Shavuot than he was of Rosh Hashana. Why? Because on Rosh HaShana all the aspects of our physicality are determined—health, parnosa, family, etc. On Shavuot, our entire ruchniyut (spirituality) is judged and determined. HaShem judges the spiritual state of the world to see how we have kept our Torah—are we worth of the geulah?  If we take out some time in these last 3 days before Shavuot to stop all of our running around and tap into the spiritual energy of Yaacov Avinu, of Tiferet, then we can be ready to receive the most favorable judgment possible for a year of shefa in our spiritual lives. Chag Sameach!