Two Select Chapters from a booklet on Jewish marriage and relationship advice that have given woman 2me a better perspective on relationships and the world around me (dedicated to the speedy return of our precious boys: Gilad Shaer (16) Naftali Frankel (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19)

Do Thieves have a conscience?

The necessity to maintain family purity laws are better known amongst the more advanced animals. According to this fact, these laws should be all the more so known to man. After all, man is many times more developed than all other creatures. The “rule of nature” is buried within both man and animals in the form of a deep inner spiritual yearning in the right direction (this is called “conscience”). The big difference between human beings and animals is the result of the fact that man is a complicated creation, and unlike of animals he’s able to trick and avoid his conscience, thus having the opposite effect of a healthy organism.

If you explore this subject, you will see that this is the meaning of Adam’s eating from the tree of knowledge; the extra complexity that sometimes destroys the radiant “voice of life.” Adam’s tasting from the tree brought about his “death.” When we depend on our minds and go against the voice of life, we endanger ourselves, and if this happens too often, the voice of our conscience begins to weaken gradually, the soul grows weary till one almost stops feeling the depth, and in the end, one’s menial urges gain control over his life and lead to his annihilation.

When one’s menial desires control his life, they can sometimes appear to be the “truth” and his true “conscience” and the person really gets in trouble because he cannot discern between the voice of his conscience and the false feeling. Even when man finds himself in this situation, he still has the power to tell the basic difference between what’s real and what’s not, between love and desire. To love is to “give of yourself;” to desire is to “take something that doesn’t belong to you.” To love means to be considerate, to give, and eventually to connect with the “other.” Love is capable of discovering the loftiest reaches of man’s soul, the real good he possesses, the most beautiful songs he’s ever sung. When individuals give of themselves to each other, they also build a “Temple for G-d to dwell,” as well as the next generation of Jews who will lead our People into a better world and the Messianic Age.

To desire is to take something from the “other” whether it be small or big. A relationship based on taking will last till one of the parties finds someone else whom they can get “more” from, the package will be broken, and not only will the next generation end up suffering–but the current one as well. Sometimes, desire will cause a man to connect with a woman in order to reap enjoyment from this, even if she is made to suffer as a result. Because he’s effecting the thing most precious to her, it’s likely to make her suffer for the rest of her life simply because the man wanted the lowliest part of his body to get some enjoyment.

Thankfully, the heart doesn’t remain closed forever. Those who are familiar with the wold of thieves, know that even the most sinister criminals wake up with a “real conscience” that calls out from the jail cell. Sometimes, it’s too late for them but it’s never too late for the world.

What was the Snake doing in the Garden of Eden?

It’s no wonder that man is the one who’s likely to get confused more than anyone else. Human beings are the ones most likely to think they’re in need of a partner of the same sex and betrayal is more common to man than to any animal species. If you analyze the world, you’ll see that the biggest evil is usually accompanied by the greatest good. The rule of life is: The biggest risk is found where the biggest chance for it to materialize exists! 

Everyone knows that an inanimate object doesn’t spoil or die. A stone can continue getting erased for hundreds of years, but nothing can hold up like it. Plants are on a much higher level than a stone. They grow, flower and mature. While they have their advantages, it’s clear that they have a disadvantage when compared to inanimate objects in that without sunshine and water, they can die and when they die, they begin to fall apart and rot.

Animals are on a still higher level than plants and inanimate objects. They’re beautiful to behold, they have feelings and the ability to think. Unlike of plants, they cannot be used for construction material when they die, they’re complicated creations that give off a foul smell. Touching them may cause disease if they’re not properly burned or buried once they die.

The human being is the most advanced–as well as dangerous creation. On one hand, he can reason and build the world. On the other, he can fall farther and stronger than any other creature in other areas.

We all know that man has the capacity to destroy the world whether all at once or at a slow pace. Only man has the capacity to use up natural resources in a dangerous fashion, deplete the Ozone Layer, and to cause a nuclear winter where a majority of plants and animal life will perish. How many hundreds of millions have been murdered in the last century alone?

Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? The Snake happened to be there too. When Adam tastes from the forbidden fruit, when we realize that the higher up we get on the “life ladder,” the further we fall, it’s easier to understand why the Snake–the symbol of Evil in the world, if found in no less than the Garden of Eden!