The Amazing World of Escape Rooms

escape rooms

Escape rooms are a fun activity for family, friends, co-workers, or just plain strangers that’s captured the gaming world by storm over the past few years. Instead of trying to figure out a way to win by proving you are better or stronger than your opponent, these hybrids of fantasy computer and logic board games offer a fun outlet for your competitive inhabitions. In a refreshing departure from the instant gratification culture we have become so accustomed to, people from all walks of life are challenging themselves to an intellectually-stimulating experience by putting their heads to work.

Top 6 Tips for Navigating Your Way Out of an Escape Room

“Challenges are meant to be met and overcome” – Liu Xiang, ancient Chinese scholar.

Here are some helpful tips for overcoming the escape room.

#1 Work Together

Assign each teammate their own puzzles to solve and area of the escape room to scan for clues. Make sure there a few teammates trying to come up with a solution to the more difficult challenges. Two brains are better than one, and usually prove faster at solving a puzzle. Discuss general game issues and a plan of action before starting out on the escape room challenge so that everyone is on the same page. For example, some teams encourage members to scream out every time they find another clue so that everyone is aware of what’s going on.

*If the team members don’t know each other (this happens sometimes) or if they aren’t able to communicate well, the last tip might cause some unnecessary confusion. It’s only a good idea if the team members are friends or family and are used to working together.

#2 Be Organized

Placing related objects such as books and keys together may be very helpful for finding the item you’re looking for once you know exactly what it is you need. Also, creating a “discard” pile will help avoid a situation where teammates try using the same items over and over.

#3 Be Thorough with Your Search

Make sure to check all of the room where a key is likely to be found or where you can locate other clues. Some escape rooms label areas that are not connected to the game. Be thorough in your search for hidden objects in places that are part of the playing experience.

#4 Listen to your Host

The game master is there to make sure you get the optimum experience. Listen to his directions at the beginning of the game for possible clues. Hosts known as “live action actors” such as zombies and other characters from the theme of the escape room will provide you with valuable direction if you get stuck.

#5 Be Efficient

We mentioned before that it’s a good idea is to assign areas of the room to different members of the team. There are other methods that will help you have the most successful playing experience.  For example, if you need to solve a word puzzle and all you know are the first and last letters, go through available options before guessing individual letters. If you need to figure out a combination lock consisting of four digits and you’ve already gotten three, automatically input the first three and cycle through the last one instead of trying to solve the entire combo.

#6 Enjoy Yourself!

Escape rooms are the type of activity that is most enjoyable when done in the company of family and friends. You are not competing against an opponent as you would be in sports or video games. Yes, it’s a challenge and winning is part of the equation, but make sure to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible! That’s the biggest victory you can score!