The climb upwards could only go one way: up. That’s how I felt 5 years ago today. I was walking a tightrope and felt I would be pushed over at any given second. I was scared, depressed, alone.

Time has passed, old wounds have healed, and even though there have been fresh hurts and pains, life goes on. Thank G-d! Thank G-d I’m here, breathing, speaking, healthy and happy. I have so much to be grateful for.

I was asked to list my 5 biggest accomplishments today. I’d say these have been as follows:

1. Making Aliya at the age of 19, and returning to Israel a year and half ago.

2. Getting back up when I was severely depressed and feeling alone a few years back.

3. Making tshuva–repentance.

4. Getting my high school GED after having been kicked out from school for behavioral issues (my mom is the one most responsible for this one).

5. Getting my BA degree even though I didn’t want to, in other words, overcoming myself. I did this without the presence of G-d in my life, and yet, I still managed. This makes it bigger.

Let’s all continue praying for the health of Adelle Chaya bat Adva. May she regain her strength and return to full health ASAP!