• Photo by Barry A. Kaplan

Going to Jerusalem soon? Don’t miss “Ah, Jerusalem,” an original time-traveling musical for tourists. It’s the brainchild of 77-year-old, Brooklyn-raised Bernie Kukoff. His name may not mean much to you, but he produced five Broadway and off-Broadway shows (including All Shook Up, the Elvis Presley musical; The Thing About Men and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change; he also created the Gary Coleman show, Diff’rent Strokes; and he produced some of The Cosby Show.

Kukoff wrote the script with Lucile Lichtblau and Alan Gelb; lyrics and music are by a talented American from Cleveland, Danny Paller.

The story is centered on Charlie Axelrod, a 46-year-old psychiatrist, his wife, Madeline and their 17-year-old daughter, Robin, from Indianapolis, who are leaving the next morning to go to Cancun, Mexico.

During the night, Charlie is awakened by his Great Uncle Mordechai (from the 1700s), imploring him to go to Jerusalem and retrieve a family scroll–but he has to find it in three days.

So the family goes to Jerusalem where it is joined in their adventure by Shmulik, the Israeli guide. He takes them back in time to meet King Solomon, to visit the Temple, to see the Crusades and meet Philip the Mean, to an 1922 Israel bus station and a surprise visitor, and for an encounter with the angel, Gedalia.

What happens along the way? Go see this hilarious, funny, professionally-performed musical and see!

Performances are every Sunday and Thursday, through July, at Hirsch Auditorium of Bet Shmuel, 6 Shama Street, down the street from the David Citadel Hotel. Tickets are available through the website, www.ahjerusalem.com or the ticket agency’s website, www.bimot.co.il. $25 each with a credit card. In Jerusalem, you can order through your hotel Concierge, by phoning Bimot, 02-623-7000 or at the box office for 100 NIS each.