Appeared out of nowhere when there was nowhere to turn,

You said “Hey, remember me!?” on a regular day when I didn’t know

What was in store.


You and I…

We go back ages,

No telling how long,

The Land and Her people,

We always hold on.


Never give in to temptation to turn back and run,

No going back now,

Time’s almost over, done!


We met when we were kids just waiting for something to happen,

You–a mighty warrior land,

I, a young lad waiting to be beckoned,

I’d do as I was told, follow you at every turn,

When you’d grow old and frail,

I’d never scorn you because you just couldn’t be scorned.


I’d give you all my strength, all my desire,

We’d be engulfed in a flame,

A flame of fire.


We’d go the road together,

As one single being,

We’d sing, we’d laugh

We’d walk that road without seeing.


You and I…

This story has never been told,

You and I…

How many names we’ve been called,

How many times have we given up only to raise our heads again?

How many times in how many lands?

How much have you given me and how much have I given in return?

We don’t really know one another–or so we’ve been told,

But I know exactly who you are–and I have a feeling you know me,

Let’s wait a few more weeks, (years perhaps) and we’ll see…