It appeared to me in a dream,

What was it who knows?

Behind its hideous mask, the soul of the creature arose,

For beneath it somewhere,

I could sense a familiar stare,

Could it possibly be?

A reminder, a twinkle of hope,

In the ocean of thought so remote,

So far and yet so near,

That I shook and trembled in fear,

The mask’s lips slightly moved and a sound:

Like the cry of a million trumpets,

Like the beat of a million drums,

And yet so sullen, so quiet, like a perilous journey begun.

“Tell you what…if you dare,

I’ll uncover for you-

But beware,

For what thou shalt see is the person you once used to be.

It’s the one you summon at night,

When you dream, see your past fall apart,

When you wake and move with a start,

To fulfill that dream you once had,

But the dream isn’t over–

I haven’t told you what I meant to have said”

And now a figure appeared,

Far, far away, so small,

Wanting nothing, nothing at all,

It could have the world at its will,

And, yet all that it really needed,

Was to escape the realms of the dream,

I did all I could that night,

I begged and I pleaded the right,

To wake up, be the man whom I saw,

To throw off the chains, set flight,

To phantoms unwanted, a painful fight,

“I must not waste this chance” I heard myself saying,

But every dream must pass,

Go with the last drop of sleep,

All I wanted, you see, was to keep dreaming,

I dreaded the morning’s bright rays,

But what could I do?

Nature’s often deceiving,

It controls who goes and who stays,

Not by death, but by life that’s been broken,

Shredded to pieces and torn apart,

A life so miraculously given,

Yet so easily brought down and trampled,

Like a fallen leaf, like a card

In the game we call life.