And the land wept in grief,
For he who loved it most was no more,
The land did not flourish, nor did it swell like she who would give birth,
He was not there to hold her hand,
With her to go forth.

As the years passed by, she grew old and frail,
She lost vision and speech,
Her bones grew dry,
But two things remained: her hope and her love,
Her hope for the future,
The love for him whom she had once loved.

And as she lay there,
Breathing harder and harder,
He came back in a dream,
And kissed her and hugged her,
And she opened her eyes,
He was there again,
A dream no more, not a vision-a man.

He had gone from her heart,
But alive he remained,
When she had only hope,
When all else had been lost,
She remembered the dream,
The dream of a nation,
A dream to be free, no matter the cost.