There are so many questions yet unanswered,sleep

So many answers to decide,

So much point to this pointless existence,

So much sweetness to this harsh reality.


I sleep it away without much ponder,

Slip into a world of sleep, of slumber,

Sweet fairies sit upon my eyelids,

Days come, I wake, yet there’s a need for more so on I sleep.


Days, nights, weeks, months,

All disappear and at once,

I see the end is nearby,

I fall back on my bed but cannot cry.


Perhaps your lot was better,

Who’s to say?

Does anything matter?

Give me another chance, oh G-d, I pray!


Not for my sake:

Death I dare not dread.

For those few moments I lay awake,

I saw a world corrupt

An existence so fruitless, so sad.

But now that I perceive the end,

I’d like to see the shores of some distant land,

I’d like to build, to give it all another chance,

If you permit me not, I see no sense.


Was I not born?

Or is this all a dream?

And all I hear is scorn,

And all I see is dim.


I think it through,

The pangs of a bitter heart,

What will I do?

Can I not take it from the start?


Realities are born of men and not the other way,

To sleep is to be free,

To live may prove a joy,

Day turns to night and night to day.


I lay down once again,

And once again, I pray.

To live up to standards I helped not create,

To live a life I helped not make,


I want to prove myself ,

In happiness and sorrow,

Have I slept it all away?

Perhaps I’ll know on the morrow.