We did not know you well,Rehavam Ze'evi

And yet, you were a hero to us,

We called you names,

And yet, we had your trust.

But there are those of us who shall never forget,

Your strength of will, your dedication,

You faced the world alone,

Your voice rings true today: “We are the Palmach,”

You were a light unto the nations,

A man of the Book, of holy inclination,

A man of his word,

A soldier of our salvation.

Bullets could not pierce you,

Mortals could not pain you,

Yet, you are no longer,

“Rechavam” we chant your name,

Your life to the Zionist cause you gave,

That cause will only grow stronger!

Who better than you knew this land?

Its hilltops and its valleys,

Who wanted freedom more?

True peace and harmony,

A home for the stranger, the hungry, and the old,

The day has passed,

Dark is the sky over the Temple Mount,

And once again we hear your song,

We hear the Morning Prayer and make no sound.

In memory of the fallen hero of Israel, Rechavam Zeevi “Gandi”-may G-d avenge his blood.