How sweet is freedom

When winds of oppression strike near to heart

How sweet are free and tranquil winds

When others hail freedom from afar

And take no notice of how man has dealt with those who freedom mar


Liberty as en-scripted into visions of the human race

Singing for joy to simply be

And not be scared whether friend or foe agree

Indebted are we all to freedoms call

It takes no charity, justice is received by all


To talk and not to be informed upon

To write and not be apprehended, suffer tortures undefended

To breath and smell the ocean breeze with lungs just liberated

This mighty, gentle current does arrive too late for some indeed

Those won’t ever taste nectars of the gods, be freed


Rejoice, those of you whom freedom has selected

Remember: this is a special gift many have not had

Billions upon billions of human beings have gone with little said

In their memory we strive for freedom lest

Our history is turned into a jest