I battled him for all the spoils,
I had him pinned,
But he recoiled.

He threw me off and when I thought I’d won,
He came back hissing like an angry swan.

I yanked him hither,
I yanked him harder,
He said to me: Thou art a barbar!

He was morose,
A sundry beast,
Four-legged, panting, filled with grease!

I met him in my bathroom while partaking in a cold Israeli shower,
And for that matter,
He was in many ways similar to a summer flower,
A daffodil of sorts I’d even venture to say!
He was a “juk”,
He was my prey!

I preyed on him,
I slew him fast,
I didn’t give him any rest!

I slew the beast,
His blood was mine,
And now on to things divine…

May we outlive the 4-legged monsters in our lives!!!