Deceive me not, I shall not be deceived.

At kotel

At kotel

The truth, unnoticed,
As if by chance,
I have perceived.
Burnt amber lies upon the fallen dew,
I see no one,
Perhaps there’s no one to be seen,
No! No!  I cry,
Why not spare my kin?

The trees have lost their green,
The sun has lost its blaze,
No one around,
No living soul in this place,
Why have you left me?
And not somebody else for heaven’s sake?
I’d be the first to go if I had the choice,
It wasn’t mine to make.

And yet,
One, perhaps, is better than none at all,
I will renew the hope of generations past,
Hearken to the angels’ call.
Now, I’m surrounded by people,
Striped shirts and pants,
These people’s faces are blank, their eyes depressed,
I think they’re like me,
They’ve never had a chance.
Waves strike the breakers:  “beach ahead!” the captain screams,
What G-d-forsaken placed is this? I ask.

All I can see is sand,
An old British rifle on my back,
My heart beats fast,
My feet are sore, it’s sleep I lack.

“Don’t be afraid, my son” I hear my father’s voice,
“Go where your heart will lead you, make your own choice,”
“Mama, don’t worry, I’ll be safe”, I make a meek reply,
“I won’t worry my son!” “At least,” she says “I’ll try,”
Screams, bullets, fire, grenades, broken glass,
I see the outlines of my mother’s face beyond the fleeing men,
It begs for mercy-mercy isn’t granted,
I strike human flesh as if enchanted,
“Son…revenge my cruel deceitful death” she pleads with me; I stop to think before the final shot.

This, the only revenge I’ve got,
Comes only moments before the world bears witness to my mother giving birth,
A nation has been born,
The angels sing in mirth.