AbbasYahoo News, one of the few American media outlets I’m able to stomach (mostly thanks to their unequaled sports coverage), has the tendency of filling its pages with news about Israel. Even on days when there’s nothing to talk about, Israel finds itself at the center of attention. I guess we’re used to it by now…

Amongst today’s top stories, was this brilliant assessment on the doings in this here part of the world. I’m going to take this article apart line by line to demonstrate what the media does and why it’s so successful…Here goes:

Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Monday condemned an attack on a nine-year-old Israeli girl the day before in the West Bank.

In the very next line, we see what Abbas really said (hint: there was no mention of a “nine-year-old Israeli girl”)

“We oppose on principle aggression against anyone, and the spilling of blood,” he told a group of Israeli MPs visiting his headquarters in Ramallah.

Really? How about the fact that you ordered this attack? No? One of your top commanders? Peace process anyone???

The girl, Noam Glick, was variously described as having been shot or stabbed in a Sunday attack in her garden in the Psagot settlement near Ramallah.

Psagot is a yeshuv 20 min’s north of Jerusalem. Settlement? I can settle for that. But why the need to mention its proximity to Ramallah? Extra info? No! Planned propaganda that’s become the accepted norm.


Abbas spoke as Israeli forces closed in on an area in the West Bank town of Al-Bira, near Ramallah, in an arrest operation linked to the Psagot attack, an AFP correspondent said.

Abbas objected to the unilateral Israeli operation, insisting the Palestinian Authority should take responsibility for finding the culprits.

“The Israeli army’s incursions are unjustified. There’s security coordination with us, so why carry out these raids that harm (our efforts)?” Abbas said.

Uhmmm, no…there’s practically no security coordination with y’all and no, you don’t need to find this guy because you sent him and will lock him up for a week; then send him on more girl-finding missions…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had condemned the “hateful attack” in Psagot and said he held the Palestinian leadership responsible even though the attack took place in an area of the occupied West Bank under full Israeli control.

“As long as the incitement continues in the Palestinian official media, the Palestinian Authority cannot absolve itself of responsibility for events of this sort,” he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.”

Talk’s cheap, Bibi. In the meantime, you continue discussing ways of helping our dear friends destroy Israel. Feiglin for PM!