I visited Tel-Aviv for a summit of JNF members who hosted my friend and co-thinker, Anett Haskia yesterday. I won’t go into the detailsSudanese squatters of what I learned about the JNF and its internal policies. I’ll leave that for a separate post.

Just being in Tel-Aviv is a a morbid experience. You see a city that was–and continues to be the hub of Israel’s high tech industry. It’s also the epicenter of Israel’s blind, self-hating left that happens to be a big reason for the presence of Eritrean and Sudanese “refugees” in the city.

These “refugees” are people whom every other country has rejected because they simply can’t afford to absorb thousands of people with no professional skills. A majority of these “refugees” are not fleeing war-torn Sudan due to racial persecution. They come to Israel in search of a better future. They want to make some money at the expense of a bunch of Jewish losers.

Our government allowed and continues allowing them in. Hundreds stream in every day and those who face eviction get represented for free by left wing idiots. Even though an 8-foot barrier has been constructed on the Egyptian border, IDF soldiers continue disregarding orders and allowing these infiltrators to cross to Israel. Why? Because they come from left wing families disconnected from reality; blind to our country’s political and economic predicaments.

I wanted to quote parts of my friend, Ya’aqov Ben-Yehudah’s post on this very issue. Here’s what he has to say:

“…this evening, the criticism falls on MK Elazar Stern for proposing a liberal, Western-exile oriented solution to what is actually an international problem. Of course, many in the West, in Europe and North America do not even recognize any problem. I call it a Middle Eastern problem, because Israel is in the Middle East.

MK Stern

And so, a few days ago, MK Stern was attacked by an Eritrean citizen in South Tel-Aviv, had his kippah stepped on, and a cross waved in his face.

According to Tomer Devorah, MK Stern’s “solution” for dealing with infiltrators into Israel is to spread them around the country more. Whether the Eritrean who attacked MK Stern is one such infiltrator or not is irrelevant. Is MK Stern seriously that wrapped up in co-dependent fear of not being considered politically-correct enough by colleagues such as MK Ruth Calderon (Yesh Atid) and MK Michal Roisin (Meretz), or perhaps by Europeans, that he would propose such ridiculous plan of action, and call it a “solution?”


Ya’aqov is pointing out that Israel is in the Middle East and that while we continue trying to take a Western approach to the critical problem of enemy foreigners within our borders would ever envision absorbing, it’s critical that we restructure our approach to fit the reality at hand–not a “pink” reality that some of us seem to think exists around us. He goes on to quote a number of recent cases of racial discrimination and population transfer: Kuwait kicking out its “Palestinians” after Iraqi forces were driven out in the First Gulf War (1991), and the Saudis not accepting Jewish and Black engineers to work withing its borders in the 1970’s.

Apparently there’s no problem with Arabs kicking out other Arabs or anyone else for that matter, but when it comes to Israel, we have to be a “Light unto the Nations”–(only we’re being a source of darkness and not light like we’d like to believe because we’re hurting our own people while taking pity on everyone around us: people who take advantage of our kindness).

I’ll quote more of Ya’aqov’s post for you:

“By now, you are probably wondering what this all has to do with MK Stern, his ridiculous “solution,” and Israel’s illegal alien problem, more like illegal infiltration problem.

The point is that Stern’s idiotic solution is much like the old Techiya Party’s “solution” of annexing Yehudah and Shomron, without considering where to put the Arabs, and much like the current Jewish Home Party’s idiotic “solution” annexing parts of Yehudah and Shomron, and granting the Arabs there either autonomy or Israeli citizenship. It is liberal, Western, globalist, and suicidal. It just seem to get worse and worse in Israel, as time goes by.

MK Stern isn’t even talking about Arabs, who lay claims to our Homeland (much like the Seven Nations of old – hint, hint). He’s talking about infiltrators who sneak into Israel, because they know they will have hope here; they will experience the hessed of the Jewish People.

Of course, hessed towards it own people,…well, that appears to be a completely different story, doesn’t it?

And, why doesn’t anyone every ask why the infiltrators do not bother to stop in Egypt, on the way from Eritrea, Sudan, and elsewhere? Why doesn’t anyone ever question Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait over their exclusionary practices?

Oh, isn’t Israel so nice??!! NO! Israel is filled with co-dependent suckers!


Ya’aqov and I are on the same page. We might be the minority, but it’s the “zealous” minority that’s always made a difference on the political map. We believe that kicking EACH AND EVERY Sudanese and Eritrean “refugee” out of Israel is the ONLY viable solution to this problem.

We believe that annexing Judea and Samaria and leaving the “Palestinians” where they are is a pipe dream that some within the religious Zionist electorate continue to perpetuate (I won’t be voting for the Jewish Home again in part because of this). We believe in a Jewish Israel where Arabs, Druze, Christians and others can live so long as they accept our claims to ALL of the Land and our way of running it.