Moshe FeiglinMoshe Feiglin has always made a good impression on me. The one time I met him (I drove him from O’Hare to where he was staying in Chicago when he was visiting there a few years ago), he candidly spoke to me about his vision and plans for the future. Unlike a vast majority of Israeli politicians, he wasn’t the least bit haughty. I didn’t sense an aura of indispensability.

He told me of his time in the army, of his political platform, gave me some insight into his personal life, and made an extremely good impression on me overall. I’ve voted for people who haven’t made a good impression on me just because I’ve supported their agendas, but this is a big plus for me nonetheless.

Moshe isn’t just another politician. He has a concrete vision for the future that’s based on transforming Israel into a state based on (not governed by)  Torah values–something sorely missing from Israel’s national’s character. He’s also a people’s person; a very approachable guy who isn’t afraid to debate any topic with just about anyone.

Here are the top 10 reasons I’d vote for Moshe Feiglin if Israel had an American-type election system, i.e. we voted for individuals rather than parties:

1. Moshe is a man of principle. No matter how much pressure is being exerted on him, he sticks to his guns. No Israeli PM has ever had this character trait.

2. Moshe founded Zu Artzeinu, a grass-roots movement that took to the streets starting at around ’93 to oppose Rabin’s cowardly capitulation to the “Palestinians” aka The Oslo Peace Process. He was amongst the first on the national level to oppose arming the Fatah (the results of this were once again seen today with the shooting of 9-year old Noam Bat Michal–let’s all pray for her speedy recovery as we did with Adelle Chaya Bat Adva whom I’m still praying for). He had the integrity to back his words with action during the dark months of Oslo.

3. Moshe supports the creation of a professional/paid army in Israel as opposed to the status quo. This would insure that left-wing traitors who serve in non-combat units and go on to lead careers with B’tselem and other similar anti-Semitic NGO’s wouldn’t serve in the army. It would also allow the so-called “settlers,” the “cream of the crop” as it is when it comes to IDF combat units to make their presence more felt in the army.

4. Moshe has placed Jewish presence on the Temple Mount at the top of his agenda. He has gone against the grain of not only the Israeli political establishment–he has also earned the hatred of a large segment of Jews worldwide. This is a testament to his undying spirit of yeshuv ha’aretz and focus on ushering in the Moshiach–not dreaming about it from the comforts of America.

5. Moshe supports legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. You have to be either an idiot or Bibi to disagree.

6. Moshe has stuck with the Likud even though he could have easily gotten a top job with the Jewish Home. Once again, this is an example of his sticking to his principles.

7. Moshe is a good person. He’s a caring husband, father, and now, grandfather. He can be trusted to make the right decisions.

8. Moshe won’t turn his back on his constituency ala Sharon. That’s something I have complete confidence in.

9. Moshe is a religious Jew. That means he places his faith in Hashem–not world leaders of the opinions of people in the left wing media.

10. I consider Moshe a personal friend. I’ve read one of his books. He’s a deep thinker; someone whom I’d like running my country and would trust with my wallet.