Obama playing golfThis past Sunday, the US State Department leaked reports that the Israeli Air Force had hit multiple targets in Syria for the second time in 48 hours. Reuters reported that: “Another Western intelligence source (said) the latest attack, like the previous one, was directed against stores of Fateh-110 missiles in transit from Iran to Hezbollah.”

What every major media outlet–whether the openly anti-Semitic Daily Beast and Ha’aretz, or just the ignorant Yahoo News and oblivious Reuters conveniently forgot to mention–or emphasize just a little bit more, was that the US State Department was making a calculated move to endanger its so-called “closest ally in the Middle East.”

The US under President Barack Obama has repeatedly betrayed Israel, while PM Netanyahu continues searching for a way to avoid clashing with the Americans to bring an end to the Iranian nuclear nightmare. Bibi continues making feeble attempts to maneuver around Obama and his hand-picked puppet, John Kerry, who’s now visiting the region for the sixth time since taking over for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

While Kerry seems to have developed an obsession with bringing peace to the Middle East in the form of forcing Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, thus allowing “Palestinian” terrorists free reign and the ability to strike civilian targets at will, Obama’s cabinet continues “leaking” information every time the IAF carries out a strike against Syrian weapons caches headed for Hezbollah.

I don’t really mind the EU and its stream of hypocrisy as much as I mind America’s betrayal of Israel. The Europeans are known for their deceitfulness and lack of foresight. They’ve allowed Islam to penetrate deep into their “enlightened” culture while taking every opportunity to blame Israel for things we have–and have not done.

Europe is lost and it won’t recover. History has set a precedent for the annihilation of entire nations in wake of their moral deprivation and loss of identity. But America; the “light” of the civilized world, the “last superpower?” Will it, too, leave Israel to fight its own wars and as a result, wane away into the night?

It seems that under the leadership of morally-corrupt individuals like Obama and Kerry, America will eventually lose interest in Israel. What does it need us for? We can’t give them oil, we don’t have the manpower of the Saudis or Egypt, we continue being stubborn when it comes to laying down our weapons and making up with our peaceful neighbors, and we aren’t even willing to apologize for crimes we’ve committed against the Palestinian people.

We provide the US the best medical equipment, and top high-tech developments–not to mention a stream of top of the line intelligence on their biggest enemies, yet we’re not to be counted on when it comes to doing as America demands of us.

When I think of “America,” I think of a spoiled child; a kid who wants his parents to do exactly as he pleases but gives nothing in return. I’m aware of the fact that this is exactly how Israel is portrayed by Western media, but the facts point an accusing finger at Uncle Sam. Whether it was Nixon in ’73 or Clinton 20 years later, America has by and large let Israel down when we’ve needed them most. Will this trend continue? With Obama at the helm, we should brace ourselves for the worst.