Have you ever pondered what the link between gay pride parades and WOW is? I believe the answer is that both have an underlining agenda of provoking Israel’s religious community to show its violent underbelly (yes, wowthe religoius community has a tendency to fight back when provoked just like any other denomination in Israel).

There is no real purpose to gay “pride” parades. What? To show everyone that they’re free to do as they wish? That after they’ve been persecuted for such a “long” time (when was the last time you saw a reference to homosexuality in the Middle Ages?) they’re now free to dress up in panties and parade half naked around Tel-Aviv? See, in my estimate, Tel-Aviv, with all its sexual innuendo and moral depravity is still a part of the Holy Land and thus “holy” and I don’t want this holiness to be effected by these parades. Just like it’s their perogative to push their agenda down my throat, it’s my right to tell the world how I feel).

WOW or “Women of the Wall,” a rag tag group of activists from the liberal anti-Israel camp, have made a point of showing up to the kotel, the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site next only ot the Temple Mt. (why don’t the Women of the Wall focus on praying at the Temple Mt. instead of taking their anti-religious agenda to the kotel if they’re fighting for “human rights?”) on Rosh Hodesh (the day religious Jews mark the first day of the new Hebrew month), to protest what they see as discrimation by the orthodox community. They feel women praying at the kotel don’t have the same rights as men do (those women who are truly religious vehemently disagree). They can’t put on tefilin or read from the Torah in the privacy of their homes or in their synagogues like so many people do. Same idea applies to the “proud” community. They can’t be gay at home–they need to take it outside and try to prove to everyone else that they’re right and we’re wrong.

It’s like the old parable: If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one hears it, did it still fall? Apparently, for the “proud” activists and for WOW, it didn’t. They have to be seen and heard in order for their message to count. They can’t be like everyone else who keep their sexual innuendas inside the privacy of their homes and mutter their prayers to themselves. They will not be fulfilled unless they provoke the religious community and the more they provoke it, the better they’re off.