The refugee problem in Israel has been festering and while there’s no solution in sight, I believe it’s important to learn from this as well as other crises we’ve encountered in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past.


Photo courtesy Hillel Asaf:

I believe that the majority of the blame lays not with the Left’s NGO’s who’ve driven the Sudanese/Eritrean “refugees” to protest the government’s policies and definitely not with the “refugees” themselves. They came here searching for a better life and who could blame them for wanting to earn a dime off the Jewish people‘s sensitivity and over exaggerated guilt complex?

Here are several facts that should not be overlooked when drawing conclusions from this experience:

  • While the Israeli government has never vouched to accept all refugees, we were signatories to a 1951 convention that stipulated that we would protect refugees’ rights. The refugee issue remains very unclear from the legal point of view.
  • Our government has failed to do anything and the Foreign Ministry has failed to evaluate the individual cases of each “refugee” as they were supposed to do years ago.

I believe we, as a nation, must decide what direction we’re going to pursue and there are two options open to us: We can either accommodate the needs of everyone in the world, or we can tend to the best interests of the Jewish people first and foremost.

I believe that we as a people and as an independent state must act according to our own best interest rather than those of even our closest friends. When we care more about the Arab states or Iran or even pro-Israel Christians than our own people, we will always be proven wrong. The problem with the refugees is not the self-hating Left or the fact that they’ve decided that we’re here solely to accommodate them and their families. The problem lays in our own world vision and how we believe we can win the overall war for our own existence.