haveil havelimPublic notice: Haveil Havelim is the veteran weekly Jewish blog carnival.  It floats from blog to blog coordinated on our facebook page.  You can submit your articles via blog carnival. This week and next week it will be hosted by me.  Please share, link, read, comment and join our community.

First ‘n foremost, for some Haveil business: Folks, we all pretty much, more-or-less, a bit perhaps know one another and realize we’re all quality bloggers here. Can we please link to one another and start cross-posting. Who’s in? Huh, huh? I’m gonna link to everyone who submitted their posts this week. How ’bout y’all? (Russian accent if you can imagine that)

And now, on to the posts part of this here thang…There have been some pretty amazing developments lately. For instance, Canadian Prime Minister and longtime friend of Israel, Stephen Harper visited our beloved homeland for the first time since getting elected and made some remarkable speeches. He also had dinner with Bibi and sang “Oh Jude” along the way. Harper did something significant while in Israel; something that perhaps no Israeli politician has ever done–or had the courage to do. He told the truth.

…and since this is a Haveil Havelim post, here are some notable posts re. the remarkable Stephen Harper (and Harperother topics of interest):

From Reesa of Reesasworld: on Harper’s clarity of vision and ability to say what no one else has been able to (and how she traveled all the way from the North to see him speak in J’lem:

From  Jennifer of AliyahLand  on taking a covering Harper’s speech for the Canadian Jewish News, whom she just happens to be a reporter for (Oh my!) and ultimately, being vowed by him:

From Batya of Shiloh Musings on why swapping land with the “Palestinians” should be out of the equation, on her newly-found fascination in mosaic building and the rains–or lack herein of as well as what the proper behavior of our people has to do with this:

From my friend and mentor from EsserAgaroth (sorry I did it again–no, I’m not Brittney Spears if you were wondering), on a slew of subjects, take for example,


From Jacob Richman of Good News From Israel  on Adding 20 awesome Israeli songs with Hebrew text and nikkud (and here’s the caveat you were waiting for…English subtitles to his English language site (def, def check it out cuz I did: Hebrew Language Songs W/English Subtitles):

  • 20 Awesome Hebrew Song

    Courtesy Jacob Richman

    Courtesy Jacob Richman






From Ovadya ben Malka of A Damaged Mirror  in which she rekindles the memory of the Holocaust and says that: “Miracles do happen, sometimes, to some people. But we still have to be fast on our feet to make any use of them. Shmuel the Glazier points the way:”    File Under: Lessons for Life

Enjoy this week’s Haveil, keep on writing, keep fighting the fight for a Greater Israel and a hearty שבת שלום from Jerusalem, eternal capital of the Jewish State!