When Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants started raining rockets on Israeli cities and towns nine days ago and the Israeli Air Force responded by targeting terrorist cells

Photo: Haaretz

Photo: Haaretz

and rocket launching sites, the reaction from the world community was one of rage and condemnation. In Morocco, a Rabbi was brutally attacked and subsequently hospitalized and in France, local Muslims rioted in what has come to be known as the “French Kristallnacht.”

But had Israel’s brilliant anti-missile system, the Iron Dome not been implemented, it’s more likely than not that we would have bared witness to thousands of Israeli casualties and a complete stranglehold on everyday life in the Jewish State. The same can be said of Israeli military, one of the strongest, most reliable armies in the world that also happens to be by far the most humane army. Had it not been for the precise methods employed by our pilots, there would have been thousands of Palestinian civilian casualties by now and the entire world community would be crying foul. Whenever Israel is blamed in the mainstream media, at the UN, and the “intellectual elites” of the world, one factor: that of Jewish ingenuity always seems to fall by the wayside. The strategic difference between Israel and Hamas is twofold: one is that we are able to avoid our own civilian casualties and the second part (directly related to the first) is that we can avoid civilian casualties on the part of our enemies.

There is a sea of reasons why Israel has won all its wars. Perhaps the biggest of all is the fact that besides moral and ethical values, Jews have brought their educational norms and ability to reason from all corners of the world to the Land of Israel. We have built this country with our own hands; we’ve constructed the aqueducts and drained the swamps in a country that lay barren for centuries because our people have the propensity to think. It comes as little surprise, then, that we’ve managed to outsmart and outmaneuver our enemies in the most volatile region in the world. While sectarian violence has enveloped Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Israel has remained an oasis of peace even with Hamas at our doorstep.

There will always be those who will assert that this is only thanks to American aid (the Palestinian Authority receives more economic aid from the U.S. and E.U. than almost any country in the world). They’re unequivocally wrong considering that Israel won two all-out wars (1948 War for Independence and 1956 Sinai Campaign) before America started getting involved. But they and those who blame Israel for profiting from the legacy of the Holocaust have neglected another factor that they’d be wise to take stock of: the same Jewish ingenuity that is perhaps based on our religious tradition and the teachings of our forefathers, has kept us alive through centuries of persecution, and is propelling us even today as we face another war with our enemies.