animal throwing rocksWhen it comes to morality, Israel has been accused of the worst crimes one can imagine in its 35+ year old conflict against the “Palestinian people,” an entity unknown prior to around 1976, when arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat rose amongst the ranks of his Egyptian classmates, and, along with a bunch of individuals who on both a physical and mental level can be compared best to Freddy Crugar/The Three Stooges, founded the PLO, an organization with the stated claim of “liberating Palestine.”

The mainstream media (the top few daily posts on Yahoo! and MSN News are usually dedicated to Israeli human rights violations) makes a lot of money and funnels a lot of attention into portraying Israel as an “obstacle to peace.” Over and over, they accuse the Israeli government of further colonizing the aborigines. In this short post, I’m going to address two issues, the first being:

1. Does the world have a right to accuse Israel of anything?

The State of Israel was born when the last embers of the Holocaust had finally sizzled.

Q: Simple enough but who was responsible for the Holocaust and for allowing it to claim more than two-thirds of European Jewry?

A: The Europeans. Collectively, the Europeans, whether the Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Russians, Greeks, etc, etc. all took part in the slaughter of Jews. The British were complicit in the killing. They closed the doors to Mandate Palestine in a deliberate attempt to kills more Jews. The U.S. is guilty of killing Jews as well. The great ‘n mighty Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned away a boatload of Jewish refugees while letting in millions of immigrants from around the world to stream into America.

Today, the Americans and the Europeans have turned into the biggest supporters of the “Peace Process.” They’ve done everything possible to force Israel to the negotiating table even though Israel realizes that agreeing to give away more land for empty promises that will be broken tomorrow will lead to the loss of innocent Jews as well as Arabs.

The E.U. and the U.S.-sponsored U.N. are in no position to beg us to do anything for our “Palestinian” cousins. If they were to organize a gathering in which they’d collectively get on their knees and ask the Jewish people to forgive them, that would be far from enough. If they were to spend all their excess money on supporting Israel, that would be a far cry for what they owe us.

The Europeans are murderers.  The day when we stop asking them to support them, but beat them into accepting our rights as a free and independent nation will hopefully come soon. In the meantime, our leaders must not capitulate to their demands but remain on the offensive. Like I said in a previous article, we must learn from the Arabs: we must fight wars to win–not to guarantee a few years of peaceful coexistence.

2. Does the world have a pretext to accuse Israel of anything?

The IDF, as has been confirmed by numerous reports on behalf of renowned world leaders such as Tony Blair, is the most ethical army that exists today. Because we’re dealing with a so-called “civilian” enemy population, every time there’s any kind of military action, thousands of leaflets are dropped, countless warnings are made, and everything is done to insure a minimal “civilian” death rate. For whatever it’s worth, Israel isn’t Syria or Egypt.

The “Palestinians,” meanwhile take no such precaution when fighting us. In fact, their use of “human shields” has been well-documented. When it comes to our rights to Gaza, Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights (and Tel-Aviv), it’s very, very simple: We won the wars. We paid the price for our victories in the form of our dead soldiers. We should have no problem explaining this to the world. We don’t need to make excuses for anything to anyone because we don’t owe it to them.

The “Palestinians?” They gave up their rights to any part of Israel when they fled their homes in ’48 and again in ’67 (the term “Palestinian” only began being used to refer to Arabs who had been defeated by Israel at around 1976 as I mentioned before). When did you last hear of the victor apologizing for winning? That would be like Mike Tyson saying “sorry” to Evander Hollyfield for taking a bite out of his ear–or Hollyfield being “sorry” for beating the snot our of Iron Mike once the ear came undone.

Shabbat shalom and best wishes from occupied Jerusalem! If you live in Europe, you have a few years left till all hell breaks lose in the form of your own Intifada. In the meantime, take my advice, and keep your paws off of my country.