animal throwing rocksTwo big news stories from last week struck me as relevant to us, here in Israel. One (actually, there were about a dozen such stories but they can all be united under one red-white-and-black umbrella) was continued attacks on Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Ha’kol Ha’yehudi, an independent monitor with a growing social media presence reported more than a dozen incidents in Judea and Samaria ranging from stone-throwing to shooting ambushes. These come in wake of yet another Kerry visit to the Middle East as the U.S. Secretary of State tries to reinvigorate stalled peace talks.

The other story that made an impression was the renewed Syrian army offensive against rebels holed up in the town of Holms. The Syrian army continues routing out the rebels in its latest drive to secure the corridor between the Mediterranean shore and the key Allawite enclaves in the Northern sector of the country.

I believe that because Israel is located in an area of the world where Arab/Islamic culture happens to be the predominant way of life, we need to–and my feeling is that we will eventually be forced to–learn from our neighbors. We need to learn from the way they live; the way they conduct themselves, and most importantly, the way they fight their wars.

Who said their way of life is inherently inferior to ours? While the left keeps claiming that giving the terrorists Israel’s heartland will solve all our problems, the right has maintained that the Arabs have a deep sense of national pride and will continue fighting to “liberate” “Palestine” until the last Jew has been drowned in the sea.

I believe it’s extremely important that along with learning to speak Arabic, picking up some of our neighbors’ choicest cuisine, etc, we must learn to fight to win our wars instead of continuing to pursue a defeatist policy of restraint (we just don’t learn from history, do we!?).

While Assad’s army is squashing out resistance and killing “his own people,” IDF brass continues making a super-human effort to show our enemies just how vulnerable we are. And the Arabs are smart enough to pick up on every sign of our weakness.

Personally, I don’t care if Kerry or Obama are here. I wouldn’t care one bit if Ariel Sharon himself decided to ditch his hospital bed and make a surprise appearance in the Knesset (I’d hope Livni would know better than to throw herself at her prodigy’s feet). The IDF needs to use its military edge in every way possible to squash the Arabs’ hopes of ever winning.

Instead of boarding ships headed for Gaza, we need to torpedo them. Instead of entering enemy villages and risking our soldiers’ lives, we need to bomb them from the air reducing them to rubble. Instead of shooting in the air–or at the feet of stone-throwing thugs, we need to shoot to kill because like so many before me have noted, the only thing Arabs understand is force.

The Syrian Civil War is the perfect example of that. Golda Meir once said that when they learn to love their children more than they hate ours, there will be peace. I disagree. First, because I don’t think there will ever be peace so long as they believe they can defeat us, and second because the only way to achieve peace is by learning from our enemies and winning wars is something the Arabs have earned their stripes in while we remain stranded in 1st grade.