Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev recently mirrored what Jonathan Pollard has said throughout the latter’s imprisonment. Yogev questioned the Moti Yogev“deteriorating values” of the American administration, who has been rumored to be willing to free prisoner of Zion Jonathan Pollard in return for Israel’s release of the 4th and last batch of “Palestinian” terrorists as an incentive for the PA to continue the already-failed peace talks with Israel. Pollard, himself, has always claimed he would refuse to be allowed to go if this allows “Palestinian” murderers to go free.

American Interests?

Obama and Kerry see the creation of a “Palestinian” state in Judea and Samaria as the solution to the problems in the Middle East. They view the cessation of the violence cycle between Israel and her most violent enemies as a way to prevent Iran from assessing nuclear capability, for the calamity in Egypt to come to a standstill, and for the martians to allow us Earthlings a few more years of peace and quiet.

Yogev “Gets” It

Yogev hit the nail on the head: the Americans’ refusal to release an ailing Pollard who is now in his 29th year of captivity has nothing to do with Israel, the Middle East, or Pollard himself. It has everything to do with degenerative Western values that place money and pride above human life. Obama and Kerry don’t care about anyone but themselves. They are not the Harry Truman’s or Ronald Reagan’s of the world. They do not lead by example–they lead due to the sheer fact that they were elected to lead and right now, they’re “leading” the United States and the rest of the world into an abyss.

What puzzles me most is why the American administration thinks that establishing another terrorist state will solve anything. They certainly seem hell bent on driving Israel towards national suicide but the second Israel ceases to exist, America will be next in line when it comes to global jihad. Europe has already fallen victim to consecutive waves of Muslim immigration. It doesn’t take a genius to foretell what the Islamists have in mind. They are in no way trying to hide their ambitions.

Serbian Model?

Perhaps, Obama believes that the conflict here can be viewed based on the Serbian model, i.e. American needs to intervene to prevent an escalation of hostilities in order to further its own national interests. When Clinton bombed Serbia in 1999, he brought lasting peace to the Balkans and may have well prevented another genocide.

I believe that Israel is an entirely different scenario, however. We all like to root for the underdog and the “Palestinians'” joker is that they’re the underdog fighting for freedom against a “colonialist power.” Only the “underdog” in this case is not the “Palestinians.” They have the entire Arab world, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan and the European Union at their beck and aid. It’s nice to both be the “underdog” and have half the world ready to take up arms for you. Also, Israel has never been interested in massacring the “Palestinians.” During the bombing of Serbia, the Serbians were clearly the aggressors whereas the Bosnians were the victims of their aggression. The Serbians had a formidable army–the Bosnians none to speak of. Israel is up against 21 Arab states, hence the comparison is obsolete.

Can we perhaps compare the current conflict to the situation in India-Pakistan or the Iran-Iraq war perhaps? Also not, since these were independent states fighting for either land or oil and here we have states (the Arab world) fighting a state (Israel) using a civilian population with terrorists interspersed amongst it (the “Palestinians”) to wage their war for them. This conflict is like no other in world history for the simple reason that while its taking part in a tiny territory, almost every major power has something at stake.

Bottom Line

The Americans are experiencing a culture change. They’ve in the midst of moving from a society based on blue-collar, working class values to a society centered around egocentricity and material urges. The same type of individuals who market porn are the ones who are trying to sell you “free Palestine” on American campuses. The similarity is apparent to anyone who looks beyond the headlines of BBC or Ha’aretz. Obama and Kerry want to force Israel into creating a “Palestinian” state on its most sacred land for the same reasons that they’re promoting Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber.

They won’t free Pollard not because he has some highly classified information that might hurt American interests and they’re not pressuring Israel to free murderers who would have been long dead in any other country because they believe this will improve the chances of a lasting peace in the region. Yogev is right: America is experiencing moral decay.