At a demonstration in support of Ukraine, April 25, 2014

At a demonstration in support of Ukraine, April 25, 2014

Original article: Shimon Briman’s post on the Forum Daily

Translated by Eitan Divinsky

“The Israeli Hundred,” Automaidan converse on Tel-Aviv; play Ukrainian national anthem, put “Putin’s Head” on Display at Russian Embassy

On Friday, April 25th, a demonstration in support of Ukraine against Russian aggression was held at the Russian Federation embassy on Ha’yarkon 120 in Tel-Aviv. More than 100 individuals—mostly youngsters came out to protest. They were called upon to do so at the bequest of the Facebook group Israel Supports Ukraine.

The Israelis placed pavement stones brought from Kreschyatka at the site of the protest. They also put a three-gallon container with a “Putin marinated head” on the sidewalk. The participants tried placing automobile tires in front of the embassy in order to color them the colors of the Ukrainian flag but police prevented them from doing so fearing they would burn the tires.

An “Automaidan”—the name that has come to symbolize Ukraine’s independence movement in the form of a motorcade consisting of eight vehicles displaying Ukrainian and Israeli flags drove by the embassy building. It’s important to note that hundreds of everyday Israelis drove passed the demonstrators and voiced their support by honking their horns and displaying pro-Ukrainian sentiment.

None of the Russian diplomats came out to address the protestors.

The organizers of the pro-Ukrainian action said the protest was carried out “in order to voice their disapproval with the cynical and aggressive policy of that country towards Ukraine.” “Vladimir Putin has crossed all boundaries and needs to realize that people across the world are following the events in Ukraine and will no longer keep silent,” reads a statement made by the organizers of the events.