Over the past few days, the Ukrainian embassy in Israel and the Maidan office have succeeded in getting the Israeli government’s woundedpermission to accept 12 critically wounded protestors to be treated in Israel. Ambassador Genady Nadolenko is appealing for an all-out effort to find sponsors to finance this humanitarian mission.

Nadolenko told the site “Forum Daily” that the flowing in of the wounded is being delayed for two reasons: it’s being difficult to attain the means to carry this out and it takes time to fill out the appropriate documents. According to a high standing diplomat, many of the wounded either do not have a passport to travel abroad, or these documents are located in different Ukrainian cities where these people came to protest at Maidan.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel has already agreed with the Maiberg brothers—owners of the aero company “MAU” regarding the transport of the wounded from Kiev to Israel. Ofer Kerzner, an Israeli businessman who deals with large projects in Kiev, as well as the honorary Ukrainian counsel to Israel have also offered to help.

Eitan Wertheimer is one of the businessmen who have answered the call to help. He is the representative of the Council of Directors of the International IMC Trust (the majority owner of Berkshire Hathaway), the representative of the Council of Directors of ISCAR, the president of BTI Blades Technology Int., and the representative of the Council of Directors of the Rolls-Royce PLC project. Wertheimer is also the founder of the “Darom” and “Tzafon” funds for supporting small businesses in the Negev and the Galilee.

It’s important to note that according to Genady Nedolenko, an agreement for the government of Israel to help wounded Ukrainian protestors has been reached. Ze’ev Elkin, who was born in Kharkvo, Ukraine and is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, has promised to provide this aid.

The head rabbi of Ukraine, Moshe Reuven Azman has told the site “Forum Daily” that he will “do everything possible and will reach out to all his contacts in order to help the wounded.”

It looks like the wounded will be treated in hospitals located in Tel-Aviv. The cost of transporting only one such person is $35,000. There still isn’t enough funding to bring the first batch of wounded to Israel.

Translated from an article by Shimor Briman of the Forum Daily.