Former PM Menachem Begin championed the doctrine of prevention and preemption when it came to not allowing Israel’s enemies access to the most lethal weapons. His 1981 strike on the Osirik nuclear plant in Iraq is well-documented as one of the most daring raids by the Israeli Air Force. Of course, it ended up condemned by the UN and the US alike, but years later, everyone realizes Israeli saved the day.

Under current PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the Begin doctrine has been implemented once again. Bibwari has made a statement and the Arab world better listen in if they want to avoid another military showdown with Israel. Only this time, it might mean the end for Syria and Lebanon. The Israeli public has made a drastic move to the right and the current government will not back down from an all-out confrontation with our enemies. It’s not that the government is talking tough; it’s that they actually mean it.

Assad, the butcher of a worthless Arab Spring, is running out of maneuvering space. He has several options left, none of which involves war with Israel. Such a war would end in swift defeat. It would entail certain death for him and his regime. He can unleash his stock of chemical weapons on the Syrian people and there are wide-spread rumors that he has done so already, but it seems like this is only the beginning. Targeting Israel would have an entirely different outcome however.

The best thing Assad can do is flee Syria and spend the rest of his life living in exile in Iran, Russia, or South America. This would almost certainly be the easiest and most painless way out. It would also guarantee the least amount of casualties.

The death toll in Syria keeps mounting.  It is estimated anywhere between 70,000 and 100,000 depending on your media sources, but it seems like there’s a fresh massacre every day. Most of the dead and missing are reported to be children. It is worthy to note that the IDF has not killed that many Arabs in 65 years of Israel’s existence and six wars with the Arab world.

My hope is that Israel continues its preemptive strikes on Syria every time the Assad regime attempts to transfer long range missiles to its proxy, Hezbollah. Assad will undoubtedly feel the pressure to retaliate. After all, what will his Arab brethren think of him if he doesn’t? What will the Ayatollahs say? Having said this, I remain confident Syria will not carry out a missile strike on Tel-Aviv. It’s just too risky and it’s not like Assad is completely crazy.

In the meantime, the streets of Jerusalem are filled with tourists from all corners of the world, and Tel-Aviv continues putting out some of the top hi-tech start-ups in the world. The only one who is losing out in this debacle is Assad and the sooner he puts an end to the slaughter, the better off he will be.

Israel continues employing Begin’s doctrine of not allowing the latest military might to end up in the hands of our worst enemies. So long as Syria has them, it’s one thing. Once Hezbollah gets a hold of this technology, all bets are off. There’s no telling what Nasrallah has up his sleeve. Begin was right and his doctrine continues keeping Israel’s citizens out of harms way.