I was happy to participate in the J’lem Marathon–well, actually the 10k run. It would have been a lot easier, but the sun was out in full force and the track included as many hills as dimples on Arafat’s face (please excuse the jlem marathonreference).

So here we are again, hosting yet another Haveil Havelim!!!  We find ourselves bowing to American pressure to release murderers with Jewish blood on their hands, unable to do much about the continuous abuse of Jewish rights on the Temple Mt., desperately pleading with the American president to free Jonathan Pollard whose health seems to have further deteriorated, witnessing a resurgent Russia under an oppressive regime taking over Crimea without as much as a whimper from the above mentioned president, and so many more good, happy things.

Well, it’s not all lost just in case you were beginning to wonder. Here are some blog posts from last week that seem to be out to prove all’s well with the world:

  • From a very interesting hard core pro-Israel blog that I was glad to come across, Debbie Schlussel writes about a Hezbollah terrorist who was just about able to get a U.S. citizenship:


  • From my friend, role model, and sage at @ Esser Agaroth: “Is The Jewish State Jewish?”  in which the said sage discusses what makes–or would make Israel a truly “Jewish” state and why–or why not it’s a good idea for Israel to draft Charedim into the army
  • another post from the Torah Revolution, this time, a reply to the man, the legend @ Esser Agaroth in which the author supports Esser’s claim, i.e. there’s nothing about Israel that makes it a “Jewish state”: Re. Is The Jewish State Really Jewish
  • …I mentioned at the outset of the post that the Americans are upping their pressure on Israel to free a bunch of nutcases so here we go: a post on Kerry’s crazy insane apparitions of grandeur: John Kerry Still Doesn’t Get It by Paula Stern as seen in the Times of Israel
  • And a post on the cover-up of the true story behind Baruch Goldstein massacre in Hevron…hmmm…
*disclaimer: I personally don’t suppor Baruch Goldstein’s senseless murder spree in Hevron 20 years ago. I believe that what he did was not only a crime but that it was extremely bad for the State of Israel. Here it is nonetheless: PURIM: 20th Anniversary of the Goldstein “Massacre”
  • and one more from Tomer Devorah–this one discusses the IDF’s intimidations tactics towards Jews in Har Bracha where an entire community of X-ian missionaries has set up base: Intimidation Tactics



  • And finally, some more quality posts from last week’s Jewish blogosphere:








My apologies for posting this so late. I hope y’all enjoy this week’s Haveil and keep up the good work rep’ing our beloved homeland. שבוע טוב ומבורך from J’lem, capital of the world!

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