When (former) LA Clippers basketball team owner, Donald Sterling told his (former) girlfriend, V. Stiviano, who happens to be half Latino, half black, that Israel treats blacks “like slaves,” that he didn’t want her bringing her black friends to Clippers games, and the rest of the things he’s heard saying in the phone conversation that was brought to light at the beginning of the week, he was acting against the best interests of the Jewish people.

Stiviano, who has profited more than anyone else from the recent debacle, is a far worse case, however. The difference between the two is he’s a man of power, while she’s simply put, a pathetic creature who, if the circumstances with turned around, would be doing far worse than the man she turned on.

Stiviano not only profited from Sterling’s affection for her, she also profited from the tantrum he threw when things weren’t going so well. While Sterling is most certainly a despicable individual and while I applaud NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to place a life ban on him, V. Stiviano should get at least part of the blame.

The really bad thing about this incident is that Sterling is Jewish. If he just weren’t Jewish, I wouldn’t be writing about this and honestly, I wouldn’t care about it very much. The problem is that when a Jew comes out and does something of this nature, it looks bad on us as a people.But the fact that he’s a racist isn’t the worst part here. Sterling sounds like a man of extremely low moral standards. He was basically employing a woman half his age for his “services” while being married with three kids. Being a racist and cheating on your wife are both moral depravities of the same type. V. Stiviano is a whole different story, however. She’s not only a deceiving lowlife, she also brought down a man, who for all his shortcomings, did arguably more than anyone else has ever done for her.

Stiviano’s ex-girlfriend (who was born “Maria Vanessa Perez,” though she legally changed her name in 2010, according to the Los Angeles Times) has demonstrated a complete lack of moral clarity in this ongoing saga. This is a part of the story a vast majority of people out there have completely taken for granted. Yes, she’s not the main culprit, and no, she didn’t have as much control over what took place as Sterling did, but Stiviano came off looking far worse than Sterling. He should–and has been judged harshly and so should she.

Below is the recording of the phone conversation that resulted in Sterling receiving a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine from the NBA.