The head of Yisrael Beitenu, FM Avigdor Liberamn harshly criticized “Akum” for capitulating to the Left and canceling its prize for lifetime achievement to Ariel Zilber, known for his right wing views. The Foreign Minister Ariel Zilberreferred to this as a capitulation before the Bolshevism of agencies with far left ideology.

“The same people who almost caused an all-out war in order to allow a school teacher to voice his doubts as to the moral fibers of the IDF are now trying to shut the mouth of a man whose musical genius and unique input into Israeli culture are undeniable. They’re making an all-out effort to take away his well-deserved prize. I hope that “Akum” comes to their senses in favor of what they decided earlier on. You don’t have agree with Ariel Zilber’s views in order to stand up against this kind of cowardice and hypocrisy,” said Liberman.