palestineZionist activists in Israel and abroad seem to have settled on a theme du jour for just about everything they say and do” “Israel is being  treated unfairly by the world.” I see it in the news every day and it’s becoming a menace. Not because it’s not true but because it’s being misapplied.

I have no qualms with the argument that we get a bad rap in the Western media, at UN press conferences and pretty much everywhere else. I don’t believe this should be a rallying cry for any self-respecting Zionist. In fact, I’m proud to say most religious Zionists I associate with don’t use self-pity and the “they hate us so we must be strong” approach.

It may be true that “they” hate us; that everyone is out to get us, etc. even though it does sound a bit paranoid. But this approach is one that’s been used to gather sympathy amongst the Gentiles. Do we really need their sympathy so badly? Are we not a “free nation in our land?” Can we not handle our own problems like the independent state that we are?

Another point in the context of this discussion is that self-pity won’t get us anywhere. We can claim the Palestinians are using “Apartheid terminology” for their selfish purposes till we’re blue in the face, but where does it get us? We should be proud that the world is giving us its undivided attention and while I realize that anyone boycotting Israeli goods is a lost case, it’s nice to know people care so deeply about the tiny patch of earth we call home.

So what do we do knowing that the world is “out to get us?” We need to apply our energy towards settling Israel, introducing the latest technology to underdeveloped areas, cleaning up the streets, performing acts of selfless kindness, etc. instead of crying about how much the world hates us. This is a galut mentality that’s become prevalent amongst pro-Israel activists. We must do a 180 turnaround in our thinking and lose the self pity.