Today, the State of Israel will mark perhaps the biggest day of the year: Yom Yerushalayim, the day when on June 7th, 1967, IDF Paratroopers liberated East Jerusalem yom yerushalayim 2and the Temple Mount following nearly a week of Jordanian air raids and artillery barrages that hit as far as Tel-Aviv.

This day will be marked in Jerusalem and around the country with colorful parades, thanksgiving meals, fireworks, dancing, and singing. The legacy of this day remains one of the most colorful military successes in Israel’s history. The height of the Six-Day War was not when the Israeli Air Force obliterated Egyptian and Jordanian planes and not when Israeli tanks made their way down the corridors of the Sinai desert, but when our soldiers descended upon East Jerusalem to reclaim the Temple Mount. This day will forever live in Jewish lore thanks to the bravery, dedication, and self-sacrifice of our soldiers on the field of battle.

Best wishes from liberated Jerusalem and happy Yom Yerushalayim! May we merit to have the Temple Mt. back in the hands of its rightful owners by this time next year and don’t forget to say the “Hallel” prayer during Shacharit tomorrow!