EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said today that she supports the Palestinian unity government. She went on to make the claim that the peace process (which is actively dead) should continue. Catherine also

Is this person on drugs?

Is this person on drugs?

reiterated her support for a two-state “solution.”

Apparently, Catherine doesn’t care much what sane, respectable individuals think. Apparently, she was ignoring the fact that I  believe that Catherine is either A. Smoking the herb OR is B. An anti-Semite. I, for one, would love to see Catherine get high and tell some stories about the “Palestinians'” rights to a state of their own (oh, she’s already done that, huh?!), or maybe even do a tantalizing pole dance at your local Amsterdam nightclub…Uhmmm no, on second thought, I would definitely not like the latter. I might actually go blind–as we used to say in high school–perhaps–if Catherine were to entertain me in that particular manner.

What I do know is that when Europeans are supporting negotiations with an apocalyptic terrorist group hell-bent on carrying out another Holocaust and when they’re doing this on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, there are a few questions to be asked. Whether Catherine is high or an anti-Semite are two such questions. Here are a few more:

1. Is Catherine Ashton a card-carrying member of any of Europe’s neo-Nazi parties?

2. Is the said Catherine a Hitler fan?

3. If she is, how many times has she re-read Mein Kampf?

4. If she has, did she like the part where dude tells of his dreams of murdering Jews or the one where he supports a master race better?

5. Is Katherine the re-incarnation of the Mufti of Jerusalem?

I’ll let you pondering these–and other questions for now. In the meantime, next time a European tells you Israel should quit occupying those “poor, defenseless Palestinians,” remind that European that his grandparents most likely have Jewish blood on their hands.